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I recently moved into my own place and I'm having a hard time laying out my family room in a way that works. I'm specifically struggling with optimal positioning of the TV and couch. For the time being I mounted the TV on an articulating arm over the fireplace where the previous owners had theirs. I originally placed the couch along the opposite wall, but I ended up floating it in the middle of the room as the viewing angle was off center and uncomfortable. My current setup is functional, but I just find that I'm not completely happy with it. I don't use the fireplace much and although the TV is a little high over the fireplace, it's not uncomfortable. I'm hoping that an angled chair to the left of the couch, will help tie the room together, but I'm left wondering if there's not a better way to arrange things. One option would be to put the TV on the gray entertainment center under the window and place the couch back on the opposite wall. I'm a little hesitant to put the TV in front of the window, though I typically have the blinds closed. The couch on the wall would also be a little close to the kitchen table, but I could work through that.

What would you recommend for this tricky room? Thanks!

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