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I'm presently framing my basement and plan on using the PARADIGM AMS-LCR's for the home theater, can you tell me what distance i should space my studs at? (studs are 2x6)

Left and Right will be placed vertically and the center will be placed horizontally under the screen

The specs for the speakers are as follows

Diameter or Height x Width

61.3 cm x 15.4 cm

24-1/8 in x 6-1/16 in

Minimum Mounting Depth

6.7 cm

2-3/4 in

Cutout Dimensions:

Diameter or Height x Width

58.7 cm x 13 cm

23-1/8 in x 5-1/8 in

Minimum Internal Volume Required 16 L

0.57 cu ft

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