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stupid ? - but how do I get coax cable into projector?

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Not a stupid question but we do need a bit more information. What kind of projector have you got? What kind of inputs does it have? Do you have a video processor or an HTPC?

A quick and easy answer is to run the cable into a VCR and run the VCR's composite output into the projector's composite input (pretty much every projector has a composite input). This is by no means the best solution, but if you provide more information on your setup, you'll get some more ideas.
If the coax is RGB or component with BNCs, consider a combo of RCA/BNC adapters with a BNCtoVGA RGHV cable. The adapters usually cost $3.50 or less and the cables anywhere from $29.95 to $79.95. More expensive isn't necessarily better.


Ken Elliott
mcody, just a few comments. It's unfortunate that your cable box does not have an s-video output, but the composite output will be better quality than what you are referring to as coax. The coax's signal is RF modulated to simulate a TV signal. There is usually some loss of quality in this modulation-demodulation process.

As for your computer, you will want to simply plug it's VGA output into the VGA input of the projector. The s-video output is not made to support the full resolution of a computer's video card and the quality of the output will not be very good. If you have more than two devices going to VGA, you can purchase a switching device, which can be expensive for a high quality one.
Here are the additional details on what I am trying to do.

Ordered the LT150 and need to get Digital Cable, DVD, and PC into projector. I have no HTPC and no scaler but would consider one.

DVD has component video out so I guess I would get a 15 pin to Component Video cable.

Digital Cable box has coaxial out and composite out. I do not want to use composite but it does not seem that I have a choice.

Computer has S-Video output so I guess I would put that in the S-Video imput of hte projector.
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