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Stupid subwoofer tricks

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While posting this http://www.avsforum.com/t/1518950/quiz-what-do-ported-boxes-shop-vacs-and-voice-coil-cooling-have-in-common/0_50 I remembered an idea I had years ago that I don't believe I shared:

Make a vented sub with an upward firing port.

Devise a way of supporting a styrofoam ball several inches above the port.

Play the 1812 Overture or other content of your choice and when the cannons go off the ball will be shot into the air.

You could construct a GRS (gravitational reloading system) consisting of a string suspending it from the ceiling.
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Even better do the same thing with a bowling ball!
Or at least golf ball.

Now that would be some output!
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Actually I think those are too dense to get much movement, not to mention that they'd be real ammunition
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