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Stuttering/Jittering Motion in fast action scenes

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I have had my HS10 for about 13 months now and in the last three months I have noticed something that is bothering me more and more everyday. During fast action (or constant slow panning) scenes it seems like the motion is 'jumpy'. An example, the first fight scene in Gladiator during the hand to hand combat. It is almost difficult to watch because it would jump from one camera to another so fast. Or is someone/something is walking across the screen at a steady rate.

This is not just with watching a movie on my HTPC, or my stand alone Pioneer DVD player. It does it with Satellite too. I have not look at VHS yet since I only have logged 2 hours on the projector with VHS in the last year.


DVD is Component

Satellite is S-video

VHS Composit

Suggestions, or questions?
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hmm, that's interseting that you say all of the sources have this stuttering effect.

i tested a few DVD players before deciding on the Pioneer, the JVC i tried had a horrible stuttering effect. Especially during that Gladiator scene you mention. It turnes out the DVD player has a bad mpeg decoder. The pioneer does not do this. Nor does my older Panasonic.

I would think it is teh MPEG decoder, but if it happens with all sources, i don't know. Hopefully someine else has some ideas.
Yes, all sources. I was watching Highlander on Spike TV last night and noticed it a few times.

I thought it was the HTPC at first, then noticed it on the other sources.
No help?
HTPC users should check to ensure the refresh rate is 60Hz. But apparently you aren't using your HTPC to play DVD's, so I'm stumped... :(
There's another recent thread on this subject in relation to the X1. The phenomenon is called 'judder' - or 'jugger' if it occurs in a porn movie.
It does also occur when using my HTPC. It is easier noticed in 80s TV shows the way they used to pan with people walking so frequently. Only I notice it, none of my guests have ever said anything, and I have also inquired. The can kind of see it sometimes if I point it out.
You can also minimize the effect by shaking your head really, really fast.
In our HT I had never seen Judder (a stuttering effect on pans and action) and wondered what it looked like. Thanks to a recent DVD player purchase I now know.

I noticed Judder from our new JVC DVD/VHS deck. I thought it was an unavoidable result of buying a combo deck.

I went into the menu and under the "picture" section (where it asks for various things like, AR of the monitor and such) I changed the Picture Source from Auto to Film. The stuttering effect on pans went away completely. It also went away in the video (active) setting. This is a progressive capable unit (HR-vxc30u) but I have it hooked up to our 13 year old SD RPTV. It is not in progressive mode but the Auto setting (default setting) was completely wrong for this machine. The picture is now like watching a film not a video device.

I was surprised how simple the solution was. And how huge the difference.
Had to chime in, though this won't provide any answers. I just picked up an X1 the other day, and noticed stuttering on one DVD but not on others. I have an HTPC and had played this before (feeding a CRT) and observed no stuttering. Of course, I have set the Radeon output to the native res of the X1 (600x800), where before I was outputting 720x1280, so I can't say there's been no change in the DVD player. Haven't had time to delve into this, but FWIW.
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