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System setup:

Asus M2N-VM DH mainboard w/ AMD 6400+ CPU, 2GB RAM

Promise SX150TX2 SATA RAID controller with 2x500GB disks in RAID1 configuration (system disk)

Highpoint RocketRAID 2310 SATA RAID controller with 4x1TB disks in RAID5 configuration (data disk)

ATI HD 4350 graphics adapter

ESI Audio Maya44 audio adapter

FireDTV-S2 satellite reciever

MCE IR remote

Video output is 1024x768/60 to my Samsung PS42C7HX plasma via VGA

Audio output is digital to my Denon AVR-1603 via optical S/PDIF

OS is Windows XP Pro SP3

Codecs are AC3Filter, Nvidia PureVideo MPEG2 decoder, CoreAVC h.264 decoder.

Media applications are mainly DVBViewer but also MPC and VLC (for reference)

Now the problem:

After app. 750 seconds of file playback in either MPC or DVBViewer, the playback starts stuttering. Doesn't matter if it's DVD playback or divx/mkv playback. It's almost like fast forwarding with sound and it goes on until I pause/unpause the playback. Then it's ok for another ~750 seconds before it starts stuttering. Live TV playback is a bit better, much thanks to the DVBsource filter in DVBViewer that can sync to the DVB clock. Despite this I get worse and worse audio/video sync the longer I watch a channel. Pause/unpause syncs audio to video again but after a couple of minutes it starts drifting again.

I started noticing this using onboard (Nvidia) graphics and my Maya44 soundcard. So I installed the ATI 4350 graphics adapter (still connecting the display via VGA) and latest ATI drivers. No change - problem persists. I then replaced my Maya44 for an old M-Audio Revolution 5.1 card, outputting the audio via the digital coax output. This time, the playback was near unwatchable. File playback in MPC and DVBViewer was extremely slow with the sound going very slow and video playback of ~1fps. Weird thing is that my receiver still identified the DTS bitstream although the sound was so slow (worse than playing an old 45-rev LP at 33-rev speed).

Removed the M-audio card and reinstalled my Maya44 - now I have smooth playback again for app. 750 seconds (a little more than 12 minutes) before stuttering appear.

I have re-installed the PC once from scratch - didn't help. Although I did use the same drivers so there might be something there. Also tried ReClock audio renderer - that gave constant (but less) stuttering instead which was less ideal.

The display is only capable of 60hz refresh rate via VGA but this is definitely not 24p- or 50hz-playback-on-60hz-display kind of judder.

The thing is that my setup worked before this problem suddenly appeared. After troubleshooting it I took it for a MS patch bug and then re-installed the system with XP SP2. Problem persisted so I upgraded again to SP3.

I've re-installed all codecs, DirectX and drivers without success.

The thing that bugs me is the frequency of ~750 seconds. Why is that? It is always 750 seconds from the latest pause/unpause or start of playback so I don't believe it's a background process starting every 750 seconds. It very much looks like some kind of buffer involved somewhere that overflow after 750 seconds and then, after a graph rebuild, it's zeroed again.

Does anyone have a clue what might be the reason here?
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