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Sub-$1000 projector

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ok i have started a few threads about the X1. But now im just asking for a good sub-$1000 PROJECTOR. Preferably DLP. Im gonna be playing XBOX and watching some baseball and football ( some in HD some not) and of course DVD's. What projector would you reccomend.

I myslef have been looking at an X1 or the PB6100. The thing that gets me is the fact that the PB6100 has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 and the X1 1024 x 740. Does it really matter even for hdtv?
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Hmmm...I think you're going to need to do some more reading on the X1 and 6100 capabilities.

Both are 800x600 4:3 projectors. The resolution numbers they state are just how high a signal they can interpret, and then scale-down to 800x600. All sources you feed it will look good, but you wont be seeing much of the detail of HDTV sources since the 800x600 grid can only display so much.

A DLP projector might not be your best bet for any fast-moving game...at least one with a slow color wheel like the X1......I've read that playing games like Ghost Recon on an X1 can be painful with the rainbows and studdering you can get when you move the view around quickly........something to keep in mind there....I dont own one, thats just what I've read....
Originally posted by lucamabob182
. The thing that gets me is the fact that the PB6100 has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 and the X1 1024 x 740. Does it really matter even for hdtv?
Well if that worries you it will shock you whenyou get one of these home and find out they are 800x600

If you are interested in better resolution look for a refurbished Sharp PG A10x or other XGA (1024x768) lcd that might be in your price range

Note I am not discussing the 1600x 1200 or whatever maximum "resolution" of the sharp. The only thing that matters is the native resolution. Scaled resolutions are garbage in my mind.

And of course resolution matters a lot for High definition. Without resolution you will still get dobly digital surround however the video won't be HD that's why plasmas and other lower definition displays use the enhanced definition (ED) moniker
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I've played hours of F zero GX on my X1 and I haven't had any problems with it being too "slow".
We really need a newbie, first time projector owner, etc forum thread. sigh...

In regards to the X1 and HDTV. In the right lighting conditions, HD is freekin fantastic. I spend more time awing at the detail than I do watching the games.. lol and the color wheel doesnt affect mine at all. I guess everyone has thier own impressions and so forth.. but if my X1 fell off the ceilling and shattered tonight... I wouldn't hesitate on buying another one. Taking in consideration.. the price, value, bulb life, and picture quality.. I have yet to see anything beat it. :)
Originally posted by dogmanky
We really need a newbie, first time projector owner, etc forum thread. sigh......
I know how you feel, but it's important that we help the noobs. We were helped at first, too. ;) If there was noob forum, would we peruse it? Perhaps what we really could use is a streaming educational video for folks in too big of a rush to search and learn on their own (present company excluded, of course).

Anyway, back to the topic, I agree with dogmanky. X1 is tops for bulb life, deinterlacing (even though I don't personally use the Faroudja anymore, most newbies will), and a snappy picture.

I believe the bulb life is most important. After all, after the initial cost, the recurring ones are very critical to anyone on a slim budget. And, of course, anyone shopping for a sub-$1000 PJ is most definitely on a limited budget.
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I would just make sure the games you are playing don't send you into rainbow hell. I recall more than one person finding movies on the X1 perfectly acceptable, but playing games was difficult for them due to the rainbow effect on fast-moving objects. Try before you buy is the key here.

As for HD looking good on the X1, I'll say this:

HD looks good no matter what display you use. Heck, HD signals downsampled to standard NTSC look alot better than standard shows on NTSC channels. (See any prime time show on PBS that displays in letterbox on your standard PBS channels).

Fact is the X1 is an 800x600 projector, of which only some of those pixels are used to display a 16:9 High Def image.....so while a HD signal will look good on an X1, you're not seeing alot of the detail simply because the device doesn't have the physical pixels to display them. HD looks better on projectors that offer more physical pixels....
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If you want a sub $1000 DLP that can do XGA (1024 by 768) resolution, there is really only one game in town - Dell 2300MP.

It is normally listed higher, but Dell has sold it for under $1k on sale before and most likely will do again.

You cannot beat the specs with any other PJ in this price class (2000 lumens, 2000:1 contrast).

XBOX looks awesome on it...
E Jackson, I agree about the noobs. I guess I came across a little strong. I would go there and help, and I believe others would also... and I think the reoccurring threads would just be less. (i.e. Sticky in the noob forum, etc). ;)

gameboy, How does the 2300MP Handle Movies, HDTV, etc? Just curious. I recommend the X1 often but I've not personally watched... say Monday Night Football... on a Dell.
i just got mine yesterday. it was on sale with free overnight shipping. All i have to say is i have it in a room with a lot of light, with the bulb saver on and it is still great. i had my hd comcast hooked up to it and the quality is incredible. i had it up to 120 inches and still looked like high def. the only problem i noticed is that, when i look away from the screen and back to the screen again, in the corner of my eye i can see green, blue, red.... is this what the rainbow effect is???? also i will be trying out xbox on it today so i will let you guys know a second opinion (gameboy is the original).

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