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Sub Cable or Placement? What did it?

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So I have an older 8" Onkyo subwoofer that I got with a HTIB about 7 years ago. I had been using a 10' or 15' sub cable I had gotten from Wal-Mart, and the sub was near a door opening. I bought a 25' sub cable from Monoprice.com and ran the cable under the floor so that I could move the sub to a back corner where it is no longer near a wall opening.

All of the sudden we have major bass. Of course I mean compared to what we had not compared to what we would have with a bigger, better sub. Could a sub cable make that much of a difference or was it the new placement? Both? I have had to turn the output down from ¾ to ½ so that the bass isn't overpowering.
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It was both. But position is huge. Sub positioning is difficult and takes time. There are general rules that work pretty good with the rest of the speakers in your room, but the sub is a different beast. Its sound depends on type of room, type of sub, and room placement. I used to just have one sub and I had it in like 3 different locations and now I have 2 identical subs and had them in three different locations until I found the spot that had the most pros and least cons.
All about position. Whatever you hear in the room is at least half dictated by the room's acoustics, and where the sub is in relation to where you are. You can walk around the room and notice the sound of the bass changes drastically as you move.

You could put the sub in the old location with the new cable and it would sound exactly like it did before.

Originally Posted by flickhtguru /forum/post/18115163

It was both.

yeah...maybe 0.01% cable and 99.99% position.

Originally Posted by dookie1 /forum/post/18116139

yeah...maybe 0.01% cable and 99.99% position.


The cable for that distance is basically irrelevant unless it is as thin as a human hair.
Let's see... positioned near an open door, the bass was weak... moved to a corner and the bass got a big boost. That's classic placement effect of room acoustics. However understand that the reinforcment you are now getting from a tri-corner placement has probably boosted only certain selected frequencies rather than giving you a balanced overall bass boost. Keep experimenting with sub placement since you've now got a longer cable and seek the location that gives the best overall balance of bass as experineced from the listening position. Good luck and have fun!

Originally Posted by Nick_WI /forum/post/18115026

...move the sub to a back corner where it is no longer near a wall opening.

All of the sudden we have major bass.

Corner placement will tend to increase the output of a speaker (think of the corner as a horn).
Wow. I have only recently started reading the threads in the audio area now that I have the TV and Blu ray player that I want. I don't have the budget for a new sound system so I have been looking into how to optimize my current system. I wish I would have known about this years ago! Thanks guys!
You could have spent $1000 on a subwoofer, and if you put it in that same original location it could have sounded almost as bad.

Yup, the room (and placement/layout) is about as responsible for what you hear as the equipment, speakers and subs themselves. Tweaking and optimizing your room layout, settings, and other "little" things can make drastic improvements and extend the life of your equipment (in the sense of your level of satisfaction versus wanting to upgrade).
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