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Originally Posted by silencedelta /forum/post/0

I have a sub powered by my stereo would it hurt the sound bar to plug that sub into it but leave the power coming from the stereo.

According to another thread, you have a VSB200 sound bar. It appears to have inputs only, which means you can't run a connection out from the sound bar to the subwoofer.

Without knowing what receiver you have and how your sub is currently connected to it, I'll assume that:

- your receiver has an LFE out / subwoofer pre-out jack; and,

- your sub isn't actually powered by the receiver (that is, the receiver is sending a signal to the sub, which has its own built-in amp).

In that case, I suggest you leave the sub connected to your receiver (presumably to the sub out / LFE out jack) and run the digital or analogue audio connection out to the soundbar.
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