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Okay, so I think I may have another option which will give me some more room for sub options, getting back to what I wanted originally...

If I get either a sealed model or one with both the sub and the port firing forward, would I be able to put it in the area left under the TV next to the AV stuff? If I had it firing forward and out of the cutout, would that be a viable option? I know I will not have placement flexibility, but at least I will have a sub where right now I have nothing at all...

The onbly concern I have (assuming this is a decent option) is the vibration of the sub cabinet. Since they share the same "floor", would the vibration cause the Bluray to skip, or cause any problems with the AVR or the Dish DVR? I know there are commercial products to absorb the vibration - should I get something like that for the sub feet, and the feet of the equipment rack or pieces in it?

This could solve my space issues, but at the same time don't want to do it if it causes other problems...

One pic is the space I have to work with, the next pic is the proposed equipment setup.

Reading through other threads, there seems to be info about the sub sharing a piece of furniture with the rest of the equipment, but this seems to be a little different.

As always, thanks for the help!!!

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