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sub placement opinions sought (pics inside)

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hi guys. my room is currently setup according to the attached diagram. the green blocks are klipsch synergy 2 series speakers, the blue blobs are an L shaped couch and a chair, and the red box is a klipsch sub 10 sub.

the room measures 18 feet long by 11 feet wide, and my listening position is exactly equidistant between the side and rear surrounds, and is just forward of the halfway line between the front stage and the rear surrounds. the drawing is not exactly to scale, but you'll get the gist of it

my dilmma is this...i have been thinking for a while about adding a 2nd sub, as i have been living here for almost a year and a half and havent had a single noise complaint yet. this tells me i am not being loud enough.

i have been waiting for the sub 10 to go on sale again at best buy, and it has. whats catching me up is that the sub 12 is actually on sale as well, for $50 cheaper.

my options are this then: buy the sub 10 at its current price, buy the sub 12 at its $50 lower price. i could have both the sub 10 and 12 running, two sub 10s or possibly sell my current sub 10 and run with just the one sub 12

im looking for opinions from those with multi sub setups...what would you think would be best? i have heard stories about running into phase problems and null spots and stuff with multi sub setups. do you think the SPL advantage of 2 10" subs would be worth the extra hassle? would the simplicity of having one 12" sub that is more powerful outweigh the setup problems of positioning two subs? do you think having a mismatched pair, (one 10" one 12" in the same room would cause problems?

if i did go with the 2 sub setup, any ideas where the optimal place to put the 2nd one would be?

thanks in advance!
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I would get a 2nd Sub 10 and put to the left of the TV to mirror the one on the right.
some stuff ive read has suggested placing two on opposite walls from one another, hence in my case one where the sub 10 currently is and one on the back wall. any feedback on this, or do you know the reasoning for or against this?

thank you for replying btw
I tried the FR and LR sub approach and it worked pretty well.

Couldn't live with them there so a more perm position thats good but not quite as good is two rear subs firing to front of room on either side of couch....

For me anyways...

Originally Posted by bcope /forum/post/16889007

a bit of digging turned this up


Great read, thanks!
that paper is great, but no other advice or personal experiences from those with multi-sub setups?
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