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Sub purchase help. PL 200/HSU STF-1/F12/Somthing that rocks

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I have a 10 wide by 40 foot long rectanuglar room. System to be on one end. I have pioneer 820 reciever and pioneer 41 box speakers. Im looking for something thats good at music but also movies.

Budget~300. I dont want to go above 400. I want the HSU but not sure if the STF-2 with 10 in. woofers can cut the mustard in my room. Room is also open to main house via open air window and doors that wont be shut. Music movie ratio may be 50/50.

I also never heard defintetely if the PL 200 are head and shoulders above F12? Thanks for input.

Also, anyone running awesome sale would break ties. Thanks
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I just ordered the pl 200 delivered to my door for 279. I researched for a while and came to the conclusion that this sub is very favorable,I had the infinity ps210 and was told by many that this sub will kick its bootie.
Suggestion buy the PL-200 and save and when you have enough buy a second PL-200. That is a huge room you are trying to fill with bass and one sub in that price range won't cut it.
I just picked up the F-12 but I have not had a chance to hear it yet. I was going to get the Pl200 but the F12 made more sense in my situation (funding). The only plus that the f12 might (emphasizing "might") is that you can get 2 of them from Amazon for right around $360. But, Im basing this just on price, not sound, I have yet to hear any Bic subs, I just bought my F12 based on reviews I read online and that I got it for $184 shipped. I dont have sky-high expectations for a sub under $200, i just need something to help my tower speakers out. Additionally, the F12 for me will be used for over 90% movies, so i didnt have to worry about music or gaming.
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