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I'm building a 5.1 setup and I have 5 Anthony Gallo A'Diva Ti speakers. My satellite speakers are rated at 76Hz-22kHz and I plan on setting my crossover at 80HZ or 100HZ. I have a Pioneer 1120K receiver and I need help finding the right subwoofer.


- Room Size 16 x 14 ft (Bedroom)

- I prefer a smaller sub

- Price around $500, but will pay ~$200 more if its really worth it

- Usage: Movies, Games, Music

- Time frame is by Christmas

- Appearance: nice looking is great, but not that important

Some Subs I've found/considered

- Gallo TR3, its on the expensive side at $800

- Martin Logan Dynamo 500/700

- HSU VTF2 MK3, its too massive and I'm not sure if it would be a good match for my little speakers.

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