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1. My budget: $500 to $600

2. Size requirements/limits: probably about 2' cube max or so. I do like the idea of a down-firing sub so my wife's cat doesn't...ummm... interact with the grill cloth...
Not 100% requirement though as I could aim it towards a couch or an end table?

3. Room dimensions: 15 x 14, 10-12' vaulted ceiling (approx 2310 cu.ft.) - opens into the kitchen behind as well, but am only interested in bass in the viewing area as a priority.

4. Primary uses: 90% movies/broadcast tv (Dish Network), 10% Music

5. Listening habits: low to medium volume. Will likely venture in mid-to mid-high every once in a while when the wife is not home...

6. Appearance requirements: none - it will likely be at least somewhat hidden.

7. Timeframe: About a month, but am willing to wait longer for quality.

8. Current set up:

AVR: Yamaha 765 (Advertised at 90w/channel, realistically prob 50ish w/channel?)

L/R: Def Tech Promonitor 1000

C: Def Tech Procenter 2000

Rears: Polk RC55i in ceiling

Video Source: Dish 722 VIP, Panasonaic TCP58S1

What would you guys recommend for a decent sub? I was looking at the A2-300 as one possibility...

Thanks for the advice!


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I know you said you would prefer a down-firing sub but you could probably make a front firing design work. If so, then I would go with ED's slightly larger sub the A3-300. It's roughly the same size and would definitely let you have some fun when the wife's away.
It's at the top of your budget though so if you'd rather not go that high I'm sure you'd be more than happy with the A2-300.
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