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Need some sub repair advise... hope the DIY section is the best fit.

Life has kicked me in the nads recently and my dream of buying an Outlaw or HSU sub are gone until next year most likely. I'm left with no sub at the moment and just a 7.0 system built around bookshelf speakers in a 30x28x8 family room.

I have 2 old BIC sealed 12" subs (DV-1210) with dead plate amps and good drivers. Given my budget ($3-400) my options are: Repair my subs, buy 2 more cheap subs (F-12, DV1220, 10.3) or hope to find 1 good used outlaw/svs/hsu on craigslist (already looking). Building my own is probably out of the question... no wood-working tools at all.

I'm not really interested in buying more budget subs because I feel unless I fill my room with like 8-12 of them (and I could do that I guess) I'm never going to be happy or have good 20hz response. In addition they are all going to use these made in china crappy switching amps that will burn up every few years.

I'm leaning towards repairing what I have as cheaply as possible so that I have SOMETHING and then saving up for a couple LFE-EX, VTF-3 or maybe a VTF-15 once things settle.

This PE amp is a direct drop-in. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=300-803 The cutout is the same and the amp even LOOKS very close to what is in the subs now. I'm out $250 and should have 2 working units. I think the old amps were rated 170watts and I have no clue if that was RMS or peak. Will I be pushing the drivers to hard? Any chance I blow something?

OR could I use this? http://www.amazon.com/Behringer-A500-Reference-Amplifier/dp/B000CZ0RL0 It's cheaper and should drive both at 230w each right? And at the end of the day when I do have a real sub I'm left with an amp to use for a 9.2 system or seperate zone or something right? A dedicated plate amp x2 just feels like a good money after bad. (no offense to PE stuff) Heck, could I use this bridged to drive a SS-18.1? I would love that!

If this will work... Can I just use the old plastic 'bucket' the old amps sat in to mount a terminal cup and seal everything up? Any benefit to be had from loosing the 'bucket' and going to a flat piece of mdf covering the amp cutout? the hole is 8.5x8.5 and the plastic 'bucket' is about 3.5 deep. Removing it would add some space back to the enclosure. Not sure if that would help or hurt at all.

Thanks for your help/thoughts.
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