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Hi -

I was wondering if someone can provide me with a little help. Let me explain how I had my system setup -

Satelite speakers set to 80hz. LPF of LFE set to 120hz and sub crossover (on the sub itself) set to max - 140hz.

the system seemed dead.

I changed the crossover on the sub to 80hz and also the LPF of LFE to 80Hz and the system came AMAZINGLY alive.

Can someone explain to me what actually happens? Was I - in effect losing the range 80-120hz? How does the system crossover affect the sub cross over? and vis-versa.

Also, my sub has a in/out switch. It says in the manual to switch it to out when watching movies and in when listening to music (it is a B&W 610 sub).

One last question - do many of you have this receiver bi-amped? If so, are the results much different?

Thank you in advance.
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