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Sub Setup Question (still a rookie)

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New here, been playing with audio for almost 5yrs (since I got my first car) and still got a lot to learn. Yea I know all the basics, but I find myself learning something new almost everyday. Ive got a VERY limited budget (21 and part time worker). I tend to mostly play around with speakers and subs ive found or purchased cheap
Im always experimenting, for example my cars got 2 three way home theater speakers, 2 bookshelf speakers, 2 subs, 2 door speakers, and a bazooka sub
ghetto, but works. But heres my question, in my car I have 2 cheap 12" sony subs, powered by 1000watts. They have a tough time handling kicks AND bass guitars at the same time. So what id like to do is have 1 sub handle kicks, and the other handle the rolling bass. Is that possible? Ive tried all sorts of setups with the crossover, eq, etc. Feel free to get technical, i like to research. Thanks!
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I don't think that's possible unless you are able to demix the music you're listening to.
shucks, i was hoping there would be some sort of mixer to do the job. Maybe i can use 2 different amps with equalizers on each? 1 with emphasis on 80hz-125 and the other on 20-70? ill have to save some money so i can afford a nice amp and sub so i dont have this problem i guess.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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