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As you can see in the included floorplan, the current HT room in the basement opens to a very large area, with a total cubic footage of nearly 5600ft^3 (ceilings are at 8 feet). The doors are kept closed when watching movies.

My current sub, the Def Tech ProSub 1000, provides decent bass above 30 hz, but on scenes like the skidoosh, wotw, and darla tap, it is very disappointing.

Is this mainly due to needing to get a more capable sub, or because I am trying to pressurize such a large area with a relatively small sub? For example, if I took a larger sub like the A7s-450, PB 13 Ultra, MFW-15, Castle, etc and placed it in the room there would be obvious performance gains, but how much of a subwoofer increase would be needed to overcome the large cubic footage?

For learning purposes, does large cubic footage have the same impact regardless of the room shape? In my case the HT area is relatively small (12x15x8) opening to a long but narrow area. Is it easier to pressurize than a very open room like one with cathedral ceilings (20x18x16) since the sound waves have less distance to travel before they are reflected?
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