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I'm taking a step into the audiophile world as a newbie, and I have a decently solid idea of the audio setup I want to get for my new computer, An Audioengine A2 pair, and a BIC America F12 subwoofer, along with a Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card. I already have the sound card, and these 3 items together are already pushing the boundaries a little of my audio budget, leaving no room for a pre-amp or a receiver, thus why I chose powered speakers. I plan to hook them up directly to my sound card, but I've encountered a couple of problems that may occur:


The sound card only has 3 3.5mm Jacks for speakers and sub, Front+Rear and a designated sub jack. Because of this, I'm planning on buying a couple of RCA to 3.5mm cables. None of the cables i've found however  have the RCA portion able to span across my 40" TV, where my audioengine's will be. Will this mean I'll have to buy 1 for each speaker, and Have 1 connect to the front port and 1 to the rear port, and so long as i tell the sound software that I'm using a 2.1 setup, There won't be any difference between connecting to 1 port with 1 RCA to 3.5mm compared to having to do 2?

also, about the speakers... I feel embarrassed to ask this, since I feel the answer should be obvious for me, but if i were going to use 2 RCA to 3.5mm's, I would only put 1 L and 1 R for the respective speaker, not both L and R for each, right?


Now, onto the subwoofer. I chose this over the Dayton SUB 1200 due to the substantial quality increase from what i hear, and is only 50$ more than the Dayton from where i plan to get it. It only has a Sub-In instead of RCA however, and from a couple of reviews, i hear that using a regular cheap RCA cable from the sub to the receiver butchers the quality entirely, and that a decent sub cable is required. Will I be able to use a RCA to 3.5mm converter on a subwoofer cable, and how badly will the quality decrease?

If not, are there any specific Sub to 3.5mm cables out there?
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