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Sub specific questions - HSU VTF mk4, Epik Empire, & Rythmik FV12

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I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to narrow down my choice for subs, and I have it down to these 3 subwoofers. Here's the important criteria for me in case it's needed:

1. Use - Movies/TV only. Little to no music. Would like to feel the bass during movies, but not completely rattle the house. No neighbors close by to complain also.

2. Room - 11' wide x 15' deep x 12' high (about 2000 cubic feet).

For the HSU - I would need to place the sub in a corner on the right side of the TV (if I'm looking at the TV). I could give it 2-3" on the right side of the sub (I think that's the side it first out, and this would face the wall), as well as 2-3" behind the sub. I'm wondering if this is enough space for the sub to fire well without distortion, and if it matters that the speaker would face the wall (and be close to it). Also, would it place as clean of sound as the Epik, or would I be able to hear vibrating in and from the sub?

For the Empire - I know this one does great with music, but would it go deep and let me feel the thump for a movie? Also, would it matter that one speaker would face the wall, and the other would face the TV stand (about 8" away)?

For the Rythmik - would this come anywhere close to the other two subs in performance? I know there's other Rythmiks, but this is the only one of those that I'm interested in.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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The empire will not be effected by having one of the drivers face the wall.
No brainer here Hsu....5 different options for customizing and yea it will hit hard.

Btw...it's future proof just in case you want to do music AND if you move to a house later and want to crank it up!
The Empire will have the most output of those 3 subs. It will have a huge advantage in midbass and a modest advantage down low. The Hsu will still be excellent for HT and music and will probably be easier to get a flat response without eq due to it's versatile settings and less prominent midbass. I don't know much about that Rhythmik but they have an outstanding reputation and loyal customers. Like Hsu Rhythmik's vented subs have renowned sound quality that most associate with sealed subs like the Empire.

Any of these 3 will present outstanding performance/price ratio even among ID subs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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