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Hey guys -

After perusing the forums for a while looking for ideas on my home theater setup I'm pretty sure what I'm going to get except for the Sub. I'm not really that knowledgeable when it comes to subs as my previous setup was an "out of the box 5.1" Harmon Kardon kit.

This is for a basement Home theater which will probably be 80% movies 20% music. The room is 14'x13'x7.5' - so the ceiling is relatively low. I have some Polk in Wall speakers ( RC-85i ) from a previous project that I'm planning on using for the rears and the Polk LCi-C for the center channel. The front L and R ones are probably going to end up being RC-85i's as well as the in wall LCi series are just too pricey for me.

I'm also planning on driving everything with a Denon 4310 receiver.

I'm hoping to spend around $600ish on the sub and want one that would be conducive to my setup. It seems like a lot of people are recommending the SVS PB12-NSD for my price range - but I'm not entirely sure if that would be the best for my particular setup or not. I was also looking at the Epik Sentinel for a bit more (would that be better for my setup?)... I really would like a good mix between sound quality and loudness. I tend to be more of a mid-range person - but I do want those deep bass hits

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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