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This is a strange one, so I will try and give all the details in a hope that it might provide a clue as to what might be wrong. I am suspecting either my Receiver or DVD player has started to missbehave, but I am not sure. I hope that someone can provide some insight in the group.

I have recently updated my system including building a cabinet to house my components. I bought a new DVD Player, New TV, Power conditionar, and new HDTV receiver.(See bottom for list of components). Well when I first started playing with my system my sub was rocking the walls during Lord of the Rings. A great system demo scene is the cave troll scene.

Recently I have noticed a drop in my bass and know when I play the same scene it does not shake the glasses in the room like it use to. I have played with all the settings and nothing seems to fix it. I have read the manuals and I believe I am doing everything correctly. I get the booming effect when i do a speaker test using just the receiver. Strange thing is that I watched the NCAA tournament finals and I could feel the ball bounce. It was like thunder ball until I lowered the settings.

Here are my recevier settings (Pioneer VSX-26TX)

Speakers - Set to Large with Sub set to Plus. (tried Small Setting too)

Cross Over - set to 80hz. This has always been the case.

Bass peak level = -50

Dynamic Range Compression = off

I have tried both coaxil and Digital inputs from the DVD to the receiver.

I have no additional settings on the individual channel volume offsets. I tried cranking the sub to +10db it did help a little, but was nothing like it used to be.

DVD Settings (Yamaha C920)

Speaker Setting - Multi Channel

Dolby - Bitstream

DTS - Bitstream

D. Range Compression = Off

Sub Settings (Volydyne SPL-1200)

Level - 20% ( I have tried higher but it does not seem to make a difference)

Crossover - set to direct with the level set to 140. Had this orginally set to 80 but was instructed by the store to move it to 140 since I am doing the cross over at the receiver.

I have tried a number of different configurations, but nothing seems to give me bounding bass. I am starting to wonder if my receiver or player has gone bad. I am going to play with Avia tomorrow to see if it shows anything, but I thought I would throw this out for thoughts as what may be going on here. I do have the sub inside a cabinet, but I have taken it out and the results are the same.

Thoughts, guesses and opinions are most welcome.

Here is my system

Receiver : VSX-26TX

Speakers: DefTech Studio monitor 350s, inwall rears and 2002 center channel.

Sub: Volydyne SPL-1200

DVD: Yamaha C920

TV: Sony GWII 60"

Power conditionar: Monster Power HTS-2500

HDTV Tuner: Dish 6000

I was trying to think what has changed between when I did my first test and now and the one thing that has changed is the addition of the Power Conditionar. Since I can manual drive the Sub and it seems to sound find when I run a speaker sweep, I have a hard time believe that could be the problem. Any thoughts?

I hope this makes sense.


I thought the problem was due to the sub being in the box

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I have a 49-TX and my SVS is weak until i got the peak bass lever around 20.... My manual said to wait till you heard it start to pop and that was the correct level for the sub... Give that a try and also if you have another receiver or dvd player give those a try to see if its really dvd player specific.
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