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Subs, Impedance,Can I have 1 SUB+1 Crap speaker to get to 2 OHMs?

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I have a nice single channel amp that puts out around 300watts at 4ohms and 500w at 2 ohms...I also have one 12.1 Infinity perfect sub that is 4ohms in a sealed box...My question is: Is it possible to wire another 5 1/4 speaker I have lying around; drill another hole in the box and install that speaker also to get to 2ohms 500watts....I know its a noob question Sorry...and thanks
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The sub driver you have is just that... A sub driver. Try and throw some midrange in there and it will probably sound very muddy. As far as the cheap speaker you have I wouldn't try to power it with that amp. You will need a two way crossover and most that are already made won't accept that kind of wattage well and it would probably, depending on the crossover, send equal power to the sub and the 5.25. If its a cheap driver it probably won't handle 20 watts let alone a couple hundred peak.
If you are simply trying to get more wattage to your subwoofer by dropping the impedance by adding a crappy cheap speaker it doesn't work that way.
According to Crutchfield, your sub is rated to handle 75-350 watts rms. So running your amplifier at 4 ohms will be within the upper part of that range. So what is the point of trying to run your amp at 2 ohms?
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