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I was reading through the instructions of my equipment and because of the non traditional approach i am thinking of taking it isn't clear if this would be possible...hoping someone might be able to help

I have three components from parasound - halo integrated amp, jc-2 analog preamp and A21 power amp. RIght now I have had to basically choose between the halo integrated with subs connected to A21 to handle the front two speakers OR run two channel only with jc-2 and A21.

I was thinking I could run the integrated into either the home theater bypass input of my jc-2 or a standard input and that way i can utilize the crossovers and sub outputs of the integrated amp but still use my preamp and when switching to analog only use the preamp inputs for my sources.

Sources are auralic aries, dac2 dx from benchmark and marantz ud7007 disc player which i use a lot more than i thought because the two channel sound is phenomenal from it especially from a disc.

while it doesn't appear there would be any danger in hooking my integrated pre amp outputs to my jc-2 it does sound a little scary to have two components acting as pre amps so to speak and also because the jc-2 seems to have a higher output threshold than the integrated amp if that makes sense.

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Line level preamp to preamp should be safe enough.

Generally, their day-to-day function is to attenuate rather than amplify. Some do have the capability of greater output voltage.

I'd run the integrated pre-out to the regular inputs of the other. You'll probably need to do some volume adjustment there to match the mains output to the subs level. Once that's done use the volume on the integrated to control louder softer.


Consider that your sources have amplifiers (like a preamp) on their outputs, and you don't worry about plugging them in.

Just start out with the volume controls down low, you should be OK.


Do NOT connect speaker outputs to preamp inputs. That could be disappointing.
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