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Subs in columns with rear surrounds

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My theater design will likely call for two decorative columns on the rear wall of the theater. Within these columns I would like to include my rear surrounds and rear subs (this rear sub placement along with front subs should mitigate room modes).

I will likely use some TC sounds variant (possibly several sealed TC-1000; 15") in the front where I have lots of space/depth.

In the rear, my depth is limited to column protrusion from wall (say 4", plus wall cavity plus a bit; say 6"), total depth 10", total internal depth, say 8". I'd like to keep the width to 10" and the height will be 7". I'm using a Seas 1333 for surrounds in a 0.4 ft^3 enclosure which will require about 1-1.5' of height, leaving say 4-5' of height for the subs or total enclosure of about 2 cubic feet.

Thus, I am looking for a sub that can be used in the 2 cubic foot space, perhaps multiples in such space and at a reasonable cost.

Has anyone used the Tang Band W8-1363 (about $65 from parts express). It seems to fit the bill well.

The 8" TC-1000 is another option, but more expensive (perhaps not on an output equalized basis - I have not compared precisely yet).

Any other recommendations for high Xmax 8" subs that work well in a small sealed enclosure? Perhaps from the car audio world?

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If you create a wider base to the columns, you might be able to mount a 10" driver in a down-firing configuration. Something like TC's current 10" OEM offering has 28 xmax for $175. However, I haven't done the sag calculation. As long as the exit hole(s) is at least as large as the Sd, you should be ok. Just throw some fabric over th exit holes and you'll have a hidden installation. It's expensive, like the TC-1000, but it's a lot more displacement.
Fyi - I forgot to state that all the subs would be EQd to similar response.
Lindahl: I'm not following the geometry - if I make the base wide enough to accomodate the 10", why can't I just front fire it?

Can you post a drawing?

Given how little extra $$ it takes to step up the size of a woofer (e.g., 8" to 10" TC-1000), it is such a shame on a cost basis to use the smaller drivers.


Originally Posted by dbbarron /forum/post/0

Lindahl: I'm not following the geometry - if I make the base wide enough to accomodate the 10", why can't I just front fire it?

Because you'd want the driver to vent into the column properly. You don't want any walls too close to the rear venting. I'll get around to drawing a 3D model this weekend, if you're willing to wait.
Read this thread using 8" woofers at $28 each...may be what you are looking for with that space limitation:

What about mounting the driver on a vertical member dividing the box into two halves diagonally (say front left to rear right). If the column internal is 8x8, I would have 8*1.414 or about 11" to work with - easily take a 10" driver. That would halve my volume, but I have a good amount to work with. I then leave the front of the column open.

I saw this driver, but I believe that the PE drivers are rated for p-p xmax; so 12mm becomes 6mm relative to 20mm for the TC Sounds t1000 8". So....Same cone area, but the TC has almost 4x the displacement at about 4x the price; even trade cost wise, but with TC, need 4x less drivers.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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