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I recently acquired a PCH-A200. Does anyone know what is supposed to work in terms of external idx/sub subtitles? I have a lot of files that have these and they play great on my Mvix Ultio as well as my Asus O!Play Air.

WDTV Live- I had one for a few months and that player did not properly support idx/sub external subtitles. You never knew when they would work.

PCH-A200 - The idx/sub subtitles work ( though there are some time sync issues) with xvid files but do not work with mp4 files ( nothing shows up).

Any information regarding idx/sub support especially for the A200/C200 players from PCH would be appreciated.

Note: am not interested in merging subs, massaging them, etc... Either the sigma players can play them or they can't. The Realtek players do play them.

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