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Subtitles in powerdvd ultra

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I am using powerdvd ultra 7.3 to watch HD-DVD movies on my HTPC. By default the subtitles are turned on. I have seen others with the same problem and the response is usually to turn them off using the keyboard; however I dont have a keyboard hooked up to my HTPC. Is there a way to make the subtitles default to off, or at least a way to deactivate them using only a media center remote? Thanks for any help.
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how exactly do you turn them off with the keyboard???
whenever I have tried to use the keyboard it just toggles between english, spanish and french
While the film is playing you have to click the title menu then with the arrows on the keyboard move the highlight to setup, then subtitles, then subtitles off, and enter.Exit the menu by backtracking with the arrows again.

I don't know away to do that with powerdvd with just a mouse. It seems the mouse features are limited with the current versions of Powerdvd.
Thanks Ian, I'll give it a shot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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