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Hi All- For my sake, I am wondering if you could help clear some things up for me.

To give you an insight into my setup, I am using a Polk Audio PSW110 Sub going to a Onkyo TX-NR737 receiver that is only a few months old. I am wondering what the correct way to hook this up and what the proper settings should be (as far as the low pass knob, phase switch etc should be). I have the Low Pass knob set to 120 and the phase switch set to 0.

The PSW110 has to RCA jacks on the back of it. Right now I have all of my speakers going into the Onkyo and not the subwoofer (is this better?) I also have some confusion about the regular subwoofer jack and the Pre Out and what the Pre Out actually is. The way I have it hooked in right now is just the one RCA cable from the Pre Out of my Onkyo to the R/LFE in on the back of the PSW110. If you can offer me any suggestions I'd appreciate them!

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According to the Polk's manual, connect from AVR subwoofer (pre-)output to LFE IN on sub.

Your AVR has two subwoofer PRE OUTputs. You can use either one of them.

Crank the sub's LOW PASS control to max to effectively disable it. (Your AVR is handling bass management.)

In your AVR, after you've run the auto EQ:
- set all speakers to "small";
- set the various speaker channel crossover settings to suit your speakers (if large bookshelf speakers or larger, 80Hz is usually the setting to use); and
- set the LPF of LFE to 120Hz (it may be set to that value by default).
(The LPF of LFE is specific to the LFE channel. It is not related to the crossover settings of the other channels.)
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