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I have 2 12" 650 watt Boss subs and a Boss 1100 watt amp i got for Christmas, When they were installed there were clear, crisp and powerful. My truck with the subs and amp have been sitting in my garage because i have a better truck for winter driving, So i brought out my truck today and let it warm up and starting to listen to some songs with bass. For the first 5 min it was the same as it was when they were installed, but during one of the songs one of my subs felt like it stopped almost not as powerful. I tested both sides and both were fine but it felt like the quality of the sound was off. Like one of the subs was stuck almost.

Now my subs when i turn up the volume 2/3 of the way, they sound scrathy, not as powerful and just bad.


I don't really want to take it to a autobody shop, because i don't want to spend $150 just in labour to fix.


I really need some help, I love my subs and i dont want to think that there broken already.


Side note:

I read some reviews about the subs and people are saying they blow easy and are complete crap... I dont want to think the worst.
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