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I've got a pair of B&W Nautilus 802's I'm transitioning into our remodeled basement for home theater. I picked up a HTM2 off a guy locally, and had to go with in-ceiling surrounds (which I'm hoping I don't regret).

So now I need a subwoofer, and am looking for suggestions.

I briefly considered upping my price range to get a SVS PB or PC-13 Ultra, but I don't think I can justify it. How about an AV123 MFW-15? There's a couple of Genesis subs (900 & 928) available locally as well, if anyone can comment on those.


Budget: Under $1000

Size limits: Nothing too huge (an ED A7-900 is out of the question) Everything will be on a 11' wall for the 802's, HTM2, 52" LCD, & subwoofer

Room dimensions: About 22' x 22' x 7'6", with a corner cut off starting at midwall. Maybe 420 ft^2, so about 3000 ft^3?

Primary uses: Home Theater, but I'd like something that will complement and add the really low end to the 802's for music.

Listening habits: Movies aren't likely going to be exceedingly loud, but I've been known to crank the music up...

Appearance requirements: A plain black box in the corner is fine. Not sure about a 4' cylinder, but maybe. A nice natural cherry to match the B&W's would be nice, but I'm being realistic here.

Timeframe: No real hurry


I just noticed I joined almost 2 years ago, and this is my first post! Is that some kind of record for lurking?
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