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Looking to replace an old AR sub in my basement HT. I'm also about to replace an old pair of Mirage FRX-5s with Mirage OMD-15s to go with my OS3 surrounds and OS3 center. Pioneer 919 receiver.

My current plan is to spend about $300-$400 on one sub and then add a second next year.

But I wanted everyone's opinion on how different the subs might be on the basement floor. It's concrete beneath a thick layer of carpet and carpet padding.

I'm looking at the Jamo 650, Emotiva Ultra Sub 12, Klipsch RD-12, HSU STF-2. Also the BIC F12 and PL-200 if I decide to go for both now.

I was very curious how the cement floor might affect a downward firing sub. The AR isn't exactly a finely-tuned machine so I didn't want to make any judgments based on its performance. The room itself is wide, but I have my HT setup confined to 1/3 of the space, which is approximately 12' x 12'. It'll be used for 50% movies and 50% gaming.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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