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I bought a UFW-10 b-stock from AV123... I know, I know, with all the bad press, why'd I go there?
It's simple, for $300, the Rosewood cabinet -- there's nothing like it. Now these things come with the 500w amps, I believe, and when people usually mention problems with AV123, they're talking about the amp. In my case, it's the driver.

For what it's worth, I threw a couple emails at Mr. Schifter and still haven't gotten a response, so I figure I'd test my luck here first. And just to get this out of the way, I'm perfectly fine with replacing a driver if need be. That's just so we don't get people flaming my decision to buy from AV123.

I have the UFW-10 hooked up through a Y-cable into the L/R inputs. There's no EQ in the preamp or player, and I have the parametric turned off on the amp. Crossover standard 80Hz, gain about 11 o'clock to half way up.

Here's my problem though:

Even with listening at low volumes (-40 on my preamp), I could hear chuffing noise coming straight from the driver, and occasionally the bass gets weak, which could be resolved by pushing the driver in gently (then it comes back)
. This is a sealed sub, so "chuffing" isn't port noise, it's the driver rubbing against the surrounds... or that's what it sounds like. I can't exactly pinpoint the noise, but if I push the driver in a bit on an off-angle, I can sort of mimic it.

I highly doubt I'm bottoming this out. The room is 150-200sq. ft., at most, in an apartment (that's why I didn't get a Hsu VTF-3), and I frankly don't listen loud at all. I could get more volume from a computer sub. This is mechanical noise coming from the driver, and I don't think it's the sub in its limitations.

Any advice, anyone?

On the other hand, if I do have to replace the driver (which I'm trying to avoid), will any 10" driver work? I'm guessing the cabinet size is ~1.1-1.2 cu. ft. Do all drivers come in the same size, or might I have to refinish the wood slightly to get something else to fit?

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You should give AV123 a call - email is too easy for them to ignore it seems.

It sounds like the noise is from the voice coil rubbing on the magnet. Smaller speakers doing this sound more like a squeaking noise.
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