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I am using a Yamaha 6130 reciever 500w 5.1 channel - I have a very loud hum coming thru my system, but only on multi-channel mode which only appears to play thru the front two speakers for some reason. The speaker hum is non-existant in DVD and DV-R modes. The subwoofer connected to this setup is a polk audio PSW50. The red and white outputs are connected into a rca to stereo audio cable splitter which then connects into one port to run the subwoofer. The guy from radio shack told me to bypass the red channel on the psw50 subwoofer altogether and run only the white channel into the reciever stereo input. Is this best?

I have my DV-R box connected to DV-R

I have my DVD connected to DVD

I have my computer xfi extreme music sound card connected to multi-channel hookups on my reciever.

The way this hooked up is:

-XFI front 3.5mm to RCA Y splitter into multi-channel front.

-XFI rear/surround 3.5mm to RCA Y splitter into multi-channel rear.

-XFI center/subwoofer 3.5mm to RCA Y splitter into multi-channel center/subwoofer sound 1 port each instead of two. (White to center and Red to subwoofer)

I am also using creative dolby digital live software to make any streaming movie from the computer play 5.1 thru the reciever.

Here is the back of my reciever: (closeup shots *double click for full size)

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