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Subwoofer in a movie and multichannel music system

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Please explain how the subwoofer would be connected if I were to bring a dvd-a/sacd player into dolby digital/dts home theater system using a pre/processor (like an anthem avm 20 or aragin stage one) that is decoding 5.1 for movies.

The multichannel player would connect with analog and the bass management would either be via the player or an outboard crossover. But the movie 5.1 will still be processed by preamp using the digital out from the player. So where do you or how do you connect the sub so that it can be used for movies and for sacd/dvd-a?

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The sub is connected using the Sub Pre-amp out RCA connection. This will make it work for both music and movies.

In the case of the Anthem AVM-20, yes you would connect to the subwoofer pre-out on it. Then through settings in the AVM-20's software you specify what bass signals are directed to that output. LFE, low frequencies from the other speakers, or any combination of them. The AVM-20 has very intelligent bass management and will allow much flexibility in what sound is going to you rsub.
I understand when the bass management is going through the processor like the anthem the bass is directed to the sub-out and to the subwoofer.

But what about when playing the dvd-a or sacd through the analog pass through jacks. How does the bass management of the dvd-a player get the bass signal to the sub if it is connected to the processors sub-out?
You hook up the subwoofer channel pre-out on the player to the subwoofer channel pre-in on the preamp's multichannel input.

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