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Subwoofer loud buzzing

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So I have an old av123 SW-10 and I turned it on last night and it immediately started making this awful buzzing noise. I turned it off and disconnected it the source but it was the same. Tried multiple cables and outlets to no avail. You can see the thing firing off like crazy. I opened it up and although none of the capacitors look blown, one of the large 10000uf ones was loose on the board while the other was tightly attached.

Is it worth it to repair this? I don't have the expertise so would need to take it to a shop. A plate amp, if I could find one that fits, seems to cost the same as a new budget sub. Is the Energy S10.3 a good replacement for the SW-10?
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from everything I have read, if you get the s10,3 for 200 or under, you won't get a better sub for the $$$.
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