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Subwoofer missing mid and high bass notes. Only plays low end bass.

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I recently bought and got fitted the ‘Vibe Optisound Micro Sub Amp’ and the ‘Vibe 12" Pulse CBR High Output Sub Box’ with Halfords.

However there’s a problem with the subwoofer or amplifier. The products do work however they only play low end bass and not the mid or high bass notes. Instead these notes play through the car speakers and therefore doesn’t sound right as the sounds aren’t balanced. The subwoofer and amplifier are fitted in a 2016 Volkswagen Golf MK7 and the person who fitted them could not diagnose the problem.

So the subwoofer works very well with some songs but it doesn’t actually do much at all with the majority of songs.

My friend has the same subwoofer in his car and it works well.

Is this a common fault, is there anything that can be done to fix it or is it a faulty product?

Thanks in advance.

I’m a total noob with car audio, I just wanted some bass 😕
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Could be S-W is out-of-phase from other speakers....your S-W Amp may have a phase-reversal switch....and if not, try reversing wires going to S-W.
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