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Long time lurker, first time poster, relative new comer to the home theater world.

I just recently purchased a SVS PBUtlra 13 and am having trouble getting started with 5.1 sound.

Currently my setup is 2 SongTowers and a SongCenter connected to an older Sony AVR (STR-DE935).

Prior to purchasing the subwoofer, I bought a Panasonic BD-55 Blu Ray player. Since my receiver does not have HDMI inputs, I hooked the HDMI directly to the TV and connected the 5.1 output RCA jacks to the 5.1 input RCA jacks on the receiver. Setting the receiver to 5.1 Input Mode appeared to give me the right "surround sound" through the front 3 speakers. Actually sounded really good.

Anyway, my subwoofer came in Thursday, and I purchased a longer subwoofer to receiver RCA wire last night.

The receiver and subwoofer both have 2 RCA connectors, but from reading the user manual and other various posts, I see that connecting up only one of them is necessary. The receiver actually supports two subwoofers, that is why there are two connections.

Well I put in The Dark Knight, turned on everything, but don't appear to be getting anything out of the subwoofer. I feel the subwoofer for any vibration, and nothing. When actually touching the male end of the RCA cable to the outside of the female connector on the receiver, the subwoofer will make an obnoxious buzz, which tells me that it appears to be on, and ready to accept a signal, but isn't getting one.

I went through the receiver startup menu, and set the fronts to large, the center to small, and the subwoofer to "ON". It didn't have a "both" setting.

So I am not sure where to turn to now. I will call SVS on Monday, but since I was on the forum I decided to post, in case anyone had some suggestions.

I was wondering if it was OK to connect the LFE (.1) output from the Blu Ray player directly to the subwoofer, and bypass the receiver to see if it is the problem. Is this OK?

Also the receiver has a test tone mode, but it only cycles the fronts, center and rears (which haven't arrived yet). I haven't tried to adjust the decibel level of the subwoofer just yet, and I might try that tonight.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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