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SubWoofer Recommendations

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I would HIGHLY recommend the SVS subwoofers.I just replaced my Mirage BPS-400 with a pair of SVS 20-39`s which I paid $958.00.I am powering them with 2 channels of my Sherbourn 5/1500 and they are FANTASTIC.They deliver incredible impact while being quick and tight.SVS subwoofers are by far the best kept secret in subwoofers.
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I have the Paradigm Servo-15 and have been very pleased with its performance (for both music and HT). Another option would be to construct your own (best bang/buck) or consider internet direct companies like SV ( www.svsubwoofers.com ) or Hsu ( www.hsuresearch.com ). Enjoy your new sub!

You might want to listen to Definitive Technologies PL15+ subwoofer... I thought that for the price (retails for $700) the sub performed incredibly! You could always get two of them for your budget, which would allow you to keep the individual sub volume lower and hence keep distortion down... Just something to consider...
Hello Everyone:

I am looking for a quality sub-woofer for my home theatere ( I would like to keep the price around 1500 ). I plan on using this sub-woofer almost exclusively for home theatre. I currently am runinng a Yamaha DSP-A1 with B&W 805 fronts and center; BOSE AM-5 for the rear channels (it's a little weird but I had the BOSE so I decided to try them in the rear). I have auditioned the Velodyne HGS series and was quite impressed with it. Although my gut is to go with that, I get the feeling that while Velodyne is good, there are better subs to be had for the same or less money. I would really appreciate any and all suggestions for what you feel would be a good sub.

Thanks for Everyone's Assistance,

If you plan to listen to music with your sub I would stick with one of the servo models which generally have much lower harmonic distortion. I would also recommend a single large subwoofer over two smaller subs as this greatly simplifies placement dilemmas and will provide a lower frequency extension. How much is that Velodyne FR1800 selling for these days?


someone recommended that i add a second paradigm pw2200 instead of upgrading to the servo 15. something about canceling nodes or i dont remember. sorry, my acoustics knowledge isnt that great.

the best sub i've heard for the money is ttriff's infinite baffle design, sunk into the floor of his HT. cost was under your budget i believe.


Migliore Theater
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I ditto the svs vote. If you run a search at www.hometheaterforum.com or visit the www.svsubwoofers.com site, you'll read what many have been raving about......the best bang for your buck HT purchase one could make.

Good Luck


I've got a set of B&W 805s for my front speakers (LRC) and use a Sunfire True Subwoofer MK II. Retail's for about $1295, street price about $950.00.


Roger Kaufmann


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Thanks to everyone for your advice and opinions, I have my research cut out for me; while I am on the subject, are there any proponets of the Velodyne subs?


Energy isn't bad they are sweet I think. The microstars are new so perhaps you will be seeing more of them. Which M&K did you compare your 12.1 to?


Gifford Largey

AudioVision Systems

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There'sa lot of good subs in the $1500 and under range...I always suggest setting some performance goals first.

1)how big is the room?

2)will the subs be located in or near a corner?

3)how loud do you listen to DVD/LDs?

4)will the associated speakers have their bass redirected to the subs via bass-management?

5)consider the price issues when thinking of low freq SPLs.

in other words...it's fairly inexpensive to get mega clean bass from 20hz and up.....but it might cost much more to get mega clean bass to 20-23hz(the lowest common bass on DVDs).

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I own, and highly recommend, the NHT SubTwo, which is well under your budget.

You get 2 10" drivers, 500 watts of Sunfire power ( actually 700 ), and an outboard controller.

The Outboard controller is the deal maker.

It has fully variable low pass & high pass filters, full 360 degress phase control, a flat mode and variable "video contour" mode that adjust the slopes, and a volume control (of course). It is also stereo controller, so you can add a second SubTwo "box-only" ( 2 10" with internal Sunfire amp )later on.

The cabinet is sealed - the bass is tight, & low. The rectangular box means you can stand it up or lay it on its side, for versatile placement.

Reviews of this sub also mention that it is a musical sub - not such a bunch of booms.

- Andy
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