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I would like to know the best subwoofer settings for my modest home theater. I am a rookie. I have relatively old Mission speakers--my subwoofer is a Mission M2Sas model--and a Denon AVR-1610 receiver. My Denon manual states that a subwoofer without "direct mode"(I'm assuming this is my subwoofer) should be set at the following before running Audyssey:

Vol: 12 o'clock

Crossover Freq: Maximum/Highest Frequency

Low pass filter: Off

Standby mode: Off

These settings don't exactly correspond(or use different words) to my subwoofer. I have the following possible settings:

Phase: On or Off

Power: Off, Auto, or On

Volume control: Min to Max

Crossover control: 60hz to 150hz

What should the above controls on my subwoofer be set at before running Audyssey? I'm assuming the settings remain the same after Audyssey.

I would appreciate any feedback.


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The back of your subwoofer should have a low level connection (or a pair, R and L). Most newer subs have an "LFE" connection, which I'm assuming is what Denon means by "direct mode". Either the R or L low level connection should possibly function as an LFE input (please, someone correct me if I'm wrong in this case, as I've never set up one of these subs). Anyway, if you simply plug a subwoofer cable (RCA-type) from the subwoofer pre-out of your Denon into either the R or L low level input, then the simplest way to set it up is with the first set of settings in your post. If the R or L can't function as an LFE input (which I'd be surprised about), then you'd need to hook the sub using the speaker-level connections (the spring-loaded ones on the back of your sub), and Audyssey would be unable to correct for the sub; you'd have to do it manually by setting the crossover, phase, etc. using the knobs and switches on the back of your sub.
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