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Subwoofer troubleshooting

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I’ve recently started a home theater, and am using the Denon AVR-S650H receiver with Klipsch surround sound speakers and Accoustech subwoofer (PL-200II). Everything sounds great, except for the subwoofer. It sounds very weak, and I can barely get any sound out of it despite ensuring proper connections, using a new subwoofer cable, switching out receivers, and ensuring that the subwoofer actually works by taking it apart and testing it with a 9V battery. After the very first setup, the subwoofer was working very well, but after about a week, it randomly stopped working. I then took the above steps, and still, its very weak. Does anyone have any advice short of hiring a professional AV company to come out and try to troubleshoot (if they are even willing)? Thanks!
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If you bought it recently, how about returning it for another? Are all speakers set to "Small" in the AVR? After running Audyssey, did you turn up the sub trim at least a few dB (Audyssey typically sets the subwoofer level a bit low for most people's taste)?
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