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Success stories with widescreen PC gaming, HDTV and DVD?

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Is anyone especially happy with their HTPC setup for widescreen PC, browsing, games, DVD, HDTV etc?

I've been planning on using the 37" Olevia( http://www.syntaxgroups.com/products/37inch_spec.html ) but I'm hesitant because a number of people are reporting problems with resolution scanning w/ the 32" model.

These are the things I want to be able to do with my HTPC:

1to1 pixel mapping on 1366X768 native resolution in Windows XP

1366X768 DVD, HDTV, VHS, etc.

splitscren (PC, TV) (PC1, DVD) (PC1, PC2)

1366X768 wide-screen PC games like WoW, HL2, etc.

Ayone have a setup they're using right now that they're particularly happy with? Aquos, JVC, Olevia?

My PC:

nVidia 6800gt OC to ultra(VGA and DVI)

Athlon XP-M 2600+ OC to 2.4 ghz (approx 3200+)

1gig 3200 RAM
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I finally just started getting nirvana with my setup.

Im running a Sony 42" GWIV, I had to make adjustments within the SM to get 1:1 pixel mapping to work but I am no running the native 1366 x 768 rez, im actually running a custom rez of 1344 x 752 with custom advanced timings within the nvdia driver set (you can read the sony GWIII/GWIV tweakers thread for more info on that)

for wide screen gaming I went to www.widescreengaming.com where I found which games can run in widescreen or how to hack them so they can run in wide screen.

so for now I am extreamly happy with my setup, but not after several hours of reading and posting, and trouble shooting, but I like that kind of stuff.

on and here is my HTPC setup:

3ghz P4 oc'd to 3.6ghz

2 x 512mb (1gig) of pc 3500 kingmax memory

256mb/256bit version of the 6800 (non-ultra/gt) the original non-ultra/gt card was a 128mb/128bit card.

Asus P4P800-E Deluxe mobo

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I'm still mystified that I can't get an 800x600 resolution to work on my system. It seems if I got that res working I'd be happy with my system for gaming. All of the EA games need 800x600, and I guess I enjoy (or enjoyed) playing them the most.

As for browsing and other non-HDTV & DVD stuff, I love it. It just made so much sense to have the PC hooked up to my entertainment system. I can have audio from the PC playing at all times through the home audio system, edit home videos and photos, check email and monitor downloads during commercials, not to mention ripping DVD's, burning CD's, watching downloaded movies (without having to burn them first) all from the comfort of my lazy boy. Check out the Gyration RF mouse & keyboards for wireless.

I'm still trying to get the HTPC to outperform my set top DVD player, but I haven't exhausted all the tips and tuturials yet.

There's a fair amount of time investment required to get things working right, but if you got most of the system requirements the out-of-pocket expesnes can be quite minimal and a lot of fun, if you like that sort of thing.

Have fun!


- P4 3Ghz with 2X512MB ram on an Intel D865PERL

- Asus ATI 9600XT

- DVI output to DVI input on Hitachi 57swx20b RPTV

- about 400gigs of music and video material on 3 HD's (250G, 180G, and a 120G)
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you should check out www.widescreengaming.com forum, I am running many EA games outside of the 800 x 600 rez, including my fav addiciton right now of NFSU2 which I am running at my current rez of 1344 x 752 as well as Medal of Honor Pacific Assult.

Hey Greg, I don't have any of those TVs, but I do have a Sony HS10 which has a panel Resolution of 1366x768 and it work amazing for everything.

Games I have successfully played widescreen on:

UT2003, 2004

Splinter Cell


GTA3 and Vice City


Far Cry.

The games ran awesome, I have a little underpowered system, but they still worked pretty darn good.

I also do DVDs through Zoomplayer and it works awesome. Blight knows how to code a sweet program

I also do TS files through ZP, or VLC and they look amazing as well.

Everything should work as you expect it. Have any questions, let me know.

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Although this is an ancient thread, I started it back in May last year when I bought my Sharp LC-37G4U. Since then I've upgraded my video card to a GeForce 6800 GT. I've played some Doom III on my TV and have enjoyed it thoroughly. :)

Currently I'm running at 1366x768 with the help of the latest ForceWare drivers and Power Strip.
I have not updated it in a while, I need to add HL2, DoomIII (patched) and some others to my pic list, perhaps if I have time this weekend I will put some more up. Anyway here is my widescreen gaming pic pages with pics from games that I have played in widescreen in one form or another for those interested:

Widescreen pics

This site has size restrictions thus the reduced image sizes, but its free so I can;t complain. I will eventually migrate this to a site without such restrictions and put up better more comparable pics.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

HTPCNEWS did a VERY thorough guide on Widescreen Gaming here:


I've just now connected my Dell W3000 to my PC via DVI and played some WoW last night, awesome! I'm hooked.

I'm getting a Syntax Olevia 30" for the bedroom based on one day useage of the Dell.

My only concern is that I've got my res. set to native 1280x768, pixel perfect.

What about all the HDTV res. settings like 1080i? What about 420p? I see threads where people list LONG lists of settings to get their HDTV display to work with their HTPC using Powerstrip and lots of black arts and all I did was plug the monitor into my 9800XT DVI port.

Am I missing out? Is there more to it?
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Nice photots, but which display?
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