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(due to limitations of this forum I cannot post the urls to my sources - you can search for the same article on the smallnetbuilders forum)
my Systems
  • NS4300N, Firmware SR5.2 v01.05.0000.08 as receiving server (i.e. backup, I don't want to have it running all the time)
  • NS4600, Firmware SR2.1 02.01.0000.18 as sending server

Prerequisite: get Telnet/ssh access with root/sudo privileges on both systems
  • NS4300N: I got dropbear from 16paws (if you scroll down you will find the link for the complete plugin within the text). That plugin made it possible to login with the "admin" account (via telnet (port 2380) and ssh) and gave "admin" sudo permission (sudo -s will give you a root shell if needed :))
  • NS4600: I followed savoryape nasaga-or-pwng-the-promise-smartstor-4600, I do not care very much about the problem to have repeat step (7) after every reboot, the system runs 24/7 :)
configure rsync
  • edit the rsync-configuration on at least one system (so that they match, obviously if only one system acts as primary server and the other as backup server not all settings are relevant)
  • /etc/rsync.conf: leave alone, gets its content from PASM
  • /etc/rsync.passwd: used in the server that initiates the replication
  • /etc/rsyncd.conf: only important on the receiving (=backup) server. Begins with a common part, then follow the "modules", handled by WebPASM again, really important is the "auth users" line, it can contain more names too...


    auth users=promise

    read only=no

    secrets file=/etc/rsyncd.secrets

    log file=/var/log/rsyncd.log
  • /etc/rsyncd.secrets: thats the place where promise likes to change things, only important on the receiving server, the format is name
    # RSYNC Authentication File

lets go

use Web-PASM on both systems to start the replication, be patient
and wait for

Aug 21 18:34:44 INFO NAS replication is completed!

in the system log
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