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Well, since everyone has been helpful here I figured I'd share my success:

I am running Win 2k (server) on an ASUS MB w/ 392mb ram. I just bought the AIW to avoid further anguish and pain regarding SPDIF output. I also have an SB 5.1 which I have been using to pass music out in SPDIF to my receiver.

Using a Toshiba IDE DVD-rom and ATI Player 4.1 everything works! I made sure to install the latest ATI Radeon driver (blue screen of death with the CD driver), MS DirectX 8, and the MS Direct X 8 update. Also I had to reinstall the DVD player after I updated Direct X as I was getting a "Can't play - possible missing audio device or video overlay" error.

Unfortunately, neither my da-lite screen or my LT150 arived in time for the weekend so I can't comment on them. But I did buy a 25' Belkin High series VGA cable to ensure good picture transfer to the projector when it comes ($65 at buy.com).

My test DVD so far is Jurrassic Park I. One problem, my celeron 466 processor is too slow so there is a bit of studder on more complex scenes. I will buy a new processor this week. What speed will eliminate the studder?

Otherwise the picture is good and I will compare the HTPC to my TEchnics DVD-A10 interplaced DVD player for kicks but not until I get a new processor.

Thanks again and I will keep you posted.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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