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Suddenly no HDMI signal on Optoma HD70.

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Hi guys.

So my Optoma HD70 has broken down on me once again. Previously I have had issues with white vertical lines in the picture, and this I have been able to solve by warming the PCB and (in)effectively reflow soldered any minor components. However, after a year with no issues I suddenly have no HDMI signal from any source (tried different cables as well).

Now, I suspect a bad soldering again seeing that nothing else has chanced and the fact that it more or less came directly with white vertical lines again. So I warmed the PCB up again (with a heat gun) and the vertical line issue was solved. However the HDMI issue is still present. Another thing to note is that some devices actually does recognize some connection with the projector, not enough however to feed through the picture.

My next idea is to probe connections from the HDMI port, however I wanted to hear if anyone has any experience with this issue and how they might have solved it.

Thank you
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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