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suggested amd cpu for 200 fsb MB

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My computer has been down for about a month now and need a new amd cpu (using my old p3 500 with g400 max stable as hell)

The mother board on the amd is a KinetiZ 7B-C with a 200 mhz fsb overclockable to 266 the question is what would be the best cpu.. I had a 1.2 tbird 266 fsb running in it

I am wanting to put a 1.4 tbird in it but should I stick to the 200 fsb or go up to a 266 board site

or will the new xp cpu at 1.533ghz work

the 1.4 is 199 cnd 266fsb

xp 1600 1.4 is 269 cnd

xp 1800 1.533 is 399 cnd

I dont know prices for the 200 fsb cpu's

any thoughts would help
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goto www.pricewatch.com

They have the latest prices from around the country.
Thanks for the reply Paul.

I really want to know if I should bother with a 266 fsb or stick with a standard 200 fsb even though my last cpu was a 266 fsb
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