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Hello audiophiles,

I need your expertise suggestion about building a DIY subwoofer for my movie room sized 17ft*12ft. I am currently having BIC Acoustech PL200 subwoofer and it does a great job for this sized room. However after listening to SVS PB2000 i felt the bass from svs is much cleaner compared to PL200. The reason i do not wanted to have svs pb2000 is that the subwoofer box is too large and aesthetically not appealing for that sized movie room. Hence i decided to build a DIY subwoofer by myself which looks smaller in size yet producing a cleaner/deeper and heavy bass for my movie room. I do not have a large budget but yet i can go upto $500 including all (plate amplifier + subwoofer + MDF board + misc items to build). So i got 2 options right now.

Option 1) Use the existing subwoofer box and plate amplifier from BIC PL200. Just replace with a new subwoofer driver(as per your subwoofer driver suggestion) in place. This is more of a budget option.

Option 2) Build a new subwoofer MDF box with front ported design (similar to klipsch reference R-112SW) + Any subwoofer plate (as per your suggestion) + Any 12 inch subwoofer driver(as per your suggestion) which can provide more cleaner/deeper and powerful bass.

Kindly suggest me which option would be a better go for me.
Additionally also pls suggest me what is important to produce a cleaner bass ? .. Is it the subwoofer driver or amplifier plate or both ??

Waiting for your valuable suggestion. Please help me.

current subwoofer : https://www.amazon.com/Bic-Acoustec...d=1610477864&sprefix=bic+pl200,aps,151&sr=8-2


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Given the usual aggressive "more is better" from some of the more "eager" enthusiasts that abound at AVS,

if you feel a slight pause in the response of viable options,
directly > you're gonna need a bigger budget
OTOH if you are not a "serious" basshead
a slightly bigger budget and some time at the VBBS thread for that room could be a substantial ROI
for your current budget- read about this
there is also the "pico wrecker"- google it
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