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suggestions about subwoofer purchase process

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I recently purchased a Harman Kardon DTS capable AVR 500


For my front speakers, I have three large Cerwin

Vega speakers. I believe the woofers in the Cerwins

are 12"

I'm considering purchase of a sub-woofer - but I'm

confused about the criteria I should use.

For example, should I only look at subs that are

spec-ed with a lower freq than my left, right, and

center ?

Similarly, I'm assuming that it would not be prudent

to purchase a sub with a cone diameter less than

12". I'm thinking perhaps a subwoofer with a

12" diameter MIGHT work - if for no other reason

than my Cerwin Vegas are supposed to handle more

than low frequencies - and a subwoofer is specializing

in one thing.

Usually with speakers, I will let my ear decide

what I think is best - but its difficult with subs

because I'm trying to guage how much a specific

product will AUGMENT my existing left, center,

and right speakers - and I'm trying to use

specs to guage where I should start my search.

Having listened to some subs in stores, I do

find that I generally prefer them to be at a low

volume with the crossover set at or near the minimum.

I don't need a wall of bass - just an occasional bit

of low frequency energy when its helpful.

Any suggestions ???
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I usually suggest setting some performance goals before you start shopping.

1)how loud do you listen to DVD/LDs(at/near reference levels?)

2)how big is the listening room?

3)how low do you want the subwoofer to be able to rerpodcue bass loudly/cleanly?

a lot of good subs produce verl loud/clean bass...but only >30hz. If you want 25hz extension..your options get a little limited...if you want 20hz extension...your choices are few....if you want <20hz...loudly and cleanly...there's a very short list...

some of the better *budget* subs right now include the mission 700,and the HSU VTF-2.


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IMHO, look into the Earthquake Supernova IV-12. I got this speaker and it is incredible!

It is small (15"^3), but with a built-in 580W class D amp and clean perfomance of >115db @ 15 Hz and 130db @ 25Hz, you will be able to set the x-over to about 50 Hz, and there will not be much overlap with your CVs, but you will notice alot more sound. Just make sure you velcro everything on your shelves!

I got mine for just over $1k and it was a worthwhile investment for sure!




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Generally is it a good idea if the sub is the same make as the front and center speakers or does it not matter?

>>>IMHO, look into the Earthquake Supernova IV-12. I got this speaker and it is incredible!

It is small (15"^3), but with a built-in 580W class D amp and clean perfomance of >115db @ 15 Hz and 130db @ 25Hz<<<


maybe in a coffin, or upon impact after being dropped off a cliff?

When WSR measured the 12" earthqauke, it bottomed out at 98dB/20hz.

Even the new 2k 15" version maxxed out at 102dB/20hz.

And remember, this was max volume using no objective distoriton limits(like Tom Nousaine uses).

I'm sure it's a good performer for a 15" cube...but citing obviously bogus claims like 115/15hz always leaves me wondering why a manufacturer would resort to this type of bs marketing?

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