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Suggestions for 19-20" TV/DVD Combo tv?

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Plain and simple we are looking for a TV for my wife to watch TV and DVD movies while she walks on the treadmill.

It also might server as the emergency TV when we have lightning storms and I unplug all the expensive sets so we can still stay informed.

For now all I plan to do is hook up a cheap OTA HD anetenna for local TV for her and of course she can watch some movies via the DVD player. She would like to record and watch shows but for now she'll have to do without. To spend the money we could run the 2nd TV source from my Dish receiver and allow her to do just that later.

While she doesn't want TV to look like crap she is not concerned with picture like watching something on our 1080p movie room TV.

We really don't want to spend much money. We have a laptop we could use for DVD watching but that would rule out TV watching...it's kind of old and not work trying to get TV through it.

Here are some we've looked at. (Note: BB would be good as I have some reward zone coupons and triple points coupon to use)

Insignia 19" Combo HDTV @ BB

Toshiba 15" Combo EDTV @ BB

These units are the same price so I'm leaning more toward the Insignia because it's a bigger TV/HD and widescreen versus 4x3.

Now I'm not set on BB if I can find a better deal elsewhere. We're still not wanting to spend tons of money on it. We checked at Target and they had some off brand Trutech much cheaper but the picture was horrible and they were sending it an HD feed and from the reviews it shows it's a bad TV.

So what are the options. Have I found the best TV setup for the money in the Insignia?
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This 15" is available online for a little bit cheaper price with good reviews.


However it seems to be a 4x3 tv. Which doesn't make sense. Why have HD feeds if the set only does 4x3?
ended up getting

Insignia 19" Combo HDTV @ BB
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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