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I’m interested in suggestions to update my reciever. My equipment is all 5-6 years old and based on recommendations from the HTIB alternatives thread.

I recently bought a Denon AVR-1612 to replace my old Onkyo SR-504. Unfortunately the Denon was defective and I’ve had nothing but problems trying to get any support from them to repair or exchange the unit. So I’m only interested in recommendations from other manufactures beside Denon.

What would be another receiver comparable to the Denon 1612? The main reason to replace the Onkyo SR-504 is I want something with HDMI to cut down on the number of wires. Right now I have multiple wires going to a HDMI switch plus separate TosLink cables going to the Onkyo. So I’m interested in something that can handle everything thru HDMI, preferably something with Audyssey since I’ve read so many good reviews here. Also something easy to use will help with the wife factor.

The receiver will be driving A Bic H-100 sub and Velodyne CHT Front Row speakers.

I appreciate any input.
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