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well , I'll be back on vacation soon , and start to improve my htpc ...

here're screenshots of my current program : http://www.antonr.com/htpc

my current list of updates :

make a semi transparent background on top of some picture (different picture for each menu?)

use a config file , where all colors, fonts, background pictures ... will be defined for each menus or for all menus ...

make a helper program with which user could configure it all with nice interface (so make it user friendly)

maybe also add some future, that for each item in menu will show different icons ...

if user chooses , use graphics instead of just text for the name of the menu

make it a full screen

maybe make an interface for a programs that are not fullscreen (like winamp or radio tuner) - that's going to be pretty hard, so don't know if I'll implement it ...

integrate clock inside the program

maybe show some ticker on the bottom of the menu (stocks ?:))

that's all for now I think :)

thx for ur time
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